Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make money online with Gasmoney.net

Gasmoney.ney has been around for more then 3 years. The blog has a Google page rank 2 and Alexa rank of 94075 as for this moment. The blog is all about making money online. There are a lot of make money online blogs out there and each and every one of them has their own style of making money online. Some of the methods used might not be effective for you but at least you can learn their style of achieving their goals.

Gasmoney.ney uses a simple theme and layout. Nothing fancy around the blog, just plain simple page with contents and ads. The blog uses a 2 columned theme with only 5 posts on the page. That makes it a fast loading blog and easy to read. Although you need to scroll down a bit to read all the post but you won’t feel too compact. You’ll feel relax as there are a lot of space in between. Plus, each post is not too long and that makes it very fast for readers to go through. Judging from the design of the layout, the blog puts in a lot of considered from the readers point of view. Even with that many ads around the blog, readers will not feel the desired of the owner pushing for maximum profits. I can only feel that the blog is design so that readers can have a comfortable view of the blog.

The way the blog presented the content is what I like best. There are only 5 posts displayed. Each post is short, straight to the point and with pictures. It makes it interesting and doesn’t feel bored reading it. I think the colors of the blog have something to do with it also.

Gasmoney.ney has some interesting categories like advertise, make money, service, forums and themes. The first category that you might take a look is make money. That is where you can find a list of affiliate programs and advertisement network the blog used. Check carefully if the service is available in your country or just in the US only before signing up. You might not get paid if the programs are offered for US citizens only. Forums and themes are free for signup and download. They do have some terms and condition, so read before action. The blog also earn money from providing some services. They helped built proxy, forum installation, SEO your forum and business consultation with a little bit of payment.

Basically, it’s very relaxed when going through the blog with lots of good content. This is the type of theme that I like to have for my next Wordpress theme.

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