Thursday, February 28, 2008

Programs that run directly from USB thumb drive

USB thumb drive has become very popular nowadays. The storage of a small USB thumb drive has reaches the size of gigs too. With that large amount of space, you can store almost anything from pictures, files, photos, videos and even programs. USB thumb drive can be use almost like a normal hard drive too. You can even store some programs that do not required installation. Having a USB thumb drive with programs that can be run directly without installation can be very handy indeed, especially for students. All you need to do is find a computer and you can do almost anything with your small USB thumb drive. One thing that you need to be careful is that viruses tend to spread out through USB thumb drive. So, just be careful if you like to use USB thumb drive. Here’s a site where you can upload lots of handy programs into your USB thumb drive. These useful applications can be very handy when you’re just traveling with your USB thumb drive.

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