Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coffee related Affiliate Program

A lot of online businesses are starting to apply the affiliate program into their business. It’s a business strategy to help increase their sales and business by sharing a small percentage of profits with those who help promote and introduce their products. This includes selling coffee online too. I never heard of Koa coffee nor tasted it before, but I do know that it’s 100% pure Kona coffee beans. Also we have a chance to make extra money by participating in the affiliate program. Sign up is FREE. We get 20% commission on sales. Sounds good? Well, the extra money definitely makes life better. But still I was hoping to get some sample coffee to test out the flavor before I participate in the affiliate program.


Bathroom Suites said...

Great this is gonna my favourite one coz I am crazy for COFFEE and if its become earning source then its just AWESOME.

But How to join this?

cari duit said...

The rising of coffee-related business is everywhere, including in Malaysia