Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trying out the most expensive Coffee – Coffee Luwak

Lately I happen to have a chance to try out one of the world’s most expensive coffee – Coffee Luwak. Yes, the famous coffee which required going through the animal body before process and brewing. Honestly, it does not taste as good as I expected. Perhaps maybe we don’t know the right method to brew this expensive coffee. Or maybe we don’t have the right brewing equipment. I suppose we should let the experts do the brewing and preparing. Sometimes it’ s best to pay for the extra services of brewing the coffee. If not you might just ruin the best coffee without knowing why. Actually I prefer to have a nicely brew regular coffee than having an expensive coffee but badly brew. The sense of turning something normal into extra ordinary feel much better than making something special into plain simple thing. I enjoy my coffee simple, easy and with just little bit of extra on the taste, smell and looks.

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