Monday, June 27, 2011

Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House

Other than just have a nice cup of coffee, I like to hang out in the coffee house with my laptop. Especially when you’re kind of doing it almost every day, a coffee house which opens almost every day is what you need. Of cause the coffee must smell and taste good too. A comfortable sitting with relaxing music is an add-on to make me stay longer. No heavy meals but simple easy sandwiches, muffins, cakes and cookies.
For a person who does most of his or her work online using a laptop, a nice comfortable coffee house is a great place to hang out. I personally love to sit by the corner with my favorite cup of coffee brainstorming my work. If I’m left alone, I work way better than staying at home staring at my laptop. The problem is sometimes it’s difficult to find a coffee house that you like and suits your taste. Perhaps I should just open up my own coffee shop. Something like Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House.

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Bathroom Suites said...

This Cool and Awesome coz me too like to sit in corner alone with cup of coffee and my work so that no one disturb me.

I am definately going to visit here someday At 319 division street.

Thanks for this.