Sunday, June 12, 2011

More than just Syphon Coffee at Full Of Beans Straits Quay Penang

Ever since I saw videos about syphon coffee, I started to go around places searching for coffee house which serves syphon coffee. As a coffee lover, I just have to try it out at least once. Most of the coffee shops I encountered are mostly franchise business like Starbucks, Coffee Beans, Old Town White coffee and so on. The coffee they brew are not bad but still it taste more like business than having the interest flavor.

After years of scouting, I found a coffee house at Strait Quay Penang name Full Of Beans. The coffee house Full Of Beans looks a bit different compare to other regular coffee house. You’ll know the difference once you visited the shop. There is a long marble table which placed at the middle of the shop with lots of coffee brewing equipment on top. Among the coffee brewing equipment, there is one which caught my attention and that’s no other than syphon coffee. Although it’s after dinner time but still I decided to give it a taste of syphon coffee. We took our seats in front of the long marble table and a list of coffee menu was presented. As we love to try out all the coffee but not sure which coffee is the best choice, we decided to let the brew master make the pick. This is where the fun part starts.

As the brew master starts to prepare the first cup of coffee, we witness a presentation of preparing a good cup of coffee. It’s not just the taste of end product we get but also the smell and visual sensation. The smell of the coffee is obvious because the coffee is prepared directly from grinding the coffee beans. Once we had a look and smell of the coffee powder, the brewing process starts. Watching the whole process of syphon coffee right in front is enjoyable. Finally a nice cup of coffee was presented. I might not be an expert of tasting coffee but I love the taste I’m getting at that moment. In fact the word sugar never did appear in my mind as I drink the coffee. That includes creamer too.

We had a lot of fun tasting different flavors of coffee that night. There is one interesting coffee call “Water Drip Coffee” which gives the strongest kick of all but it is serve cold. We also had French Macaroon to go along with our coffee. I have to point out that the French Macaroon and some other biscuits and cookies are homemade. You’ll know the difference when you taste a homemade food. Especially when the food matches the cup of coffee, the taste is just great.

At the end of the night we consumed more coffee than we suppose to. My friend who went along having more coffee than me ends up staring at the ceiling until the next day morning. There are lots of complains about not able to sleep but definitely not about the coffee. I suppose next time better have the coffee in the morning or afternoon.

P/S: Some of the pictures (by photographer Mr. Koji Nakata) above are from Full Of Beans Facebook fan page. Check it out and find out more about Full Of Beans coffee house.

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