Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mixing different type of coffee beans

We know that there are a lot of coffee beans sold in the market. If you try to brew each type of coffee using coffee beans from different countries, you will get different taste. So if you are looking for a unique taste of coffee which can’t be found in any coffee shop, the best way is to mix your own brand of coffee. The method is much easier than trying to roast your own coffee bean. The idea is simple but the process is difficult. You will have to go through thousands of combination in order to find the right taste of coffee. This suggestion is only base on the same ratio for 2 different types of coffee beans. We still have yet to include different amount of ratio and trying to combine more than 2 different types of coffee bean. If you really going into details and determine to fine the best unique taste of coffee, you might have to test millions of combination. Take for example if you are able to test 10 combination of coffee beans each day, you can only test 3650 combination within a year. So it might take years of testing in order to find the right combination.

It is actually not a bad idea trying to test different combination using different type of coffee beans. Once you get used to the combination technique and master the taste of coffee, you can easily mix the coffee beans and try to tune the best taste given the ingredients you have. Remember that you still have different type of sugar, different type of milk and different type of water to brew your coffee. A slight different using different type of ingredients can make the coffee taste totally different. The art of brewing coffee is actually the same as playing around with chemicals in a science lab.

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