Sunday, February 14, 2016

The thing that we argue always is the things that we put into our coffee

I like my coffee pure simple back, nothing inside my coffee but only hot water and coffee beans. So whenever I go to coffee shop with my friends or colleague. I get to witness or observe the things that people put into their coffee. The most common things people put into their coffee are sugar and milk. It is not just sugar and milk that simple. Sugar alone has a lot of varieties, shape and taste. We have brown sugar and white sugar. As for the shape we have skull shape sugar. If you are talking about the milk, this is the part which makes coffee interesting. Other than just flavors and types of coffee evolve from milk, we get coffee art from the foam generated from milk. What else do we put into our coffee? Mocha, lavender, chocolate, honey and creamer are the things that I can think of. Sound interesting? Perhaps you can try developing or creating something special to put into coffee. It might create a trend if people love it.

So what do you put into your favorite cup of coffee?

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