Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why coffee in the office or police station taste awful?

Is it just me or everybody else feel the same that coffee in the office or police station taste awful? In my experience, free coffee in the office never tastes good. Thought out my working years and all the company that I’ve been through, coffee is the last thing I’ll drink unless my boss personally place the cup of coffee in front of me. Perhaps maybe it is free which makes the coffee not so good. If I’m craving for coffee or really want to get a cup of coffee, I’ll drive all the way to my favorite coffee shop. It will definitely take more time, higher price and very troublesome. But it is still worth it. Even if I’m going to be late for work, I’ll still wait for the coffee from that particular coffee shop.

As for the coffee in the police station… I never actually try it before. Perhaps maybe nobody offer me any coffee when I was in the police station. Perhaps I haven’t stayed long enough to get a cup of coffee. Maybe the coffee is only meant for those who are working in the police station. Why do I think it taste awful even if I didn’t taste it before? Well, I never heard anybody said anything good about the coffee in the police station. This includes real life experience and the dramas I’ve seen on TV. Whenever they said “Let’s go get a cup of coffee…” it usually means lets go someplace else other than the police station to get a cup of coffee.

Perhaps it is due to the environment where the coffee is brew. Office and police station is not the place to enjoy and relax. It is the aura, element and ingredient surrounding the coffee which makes it taste awful. Or perhaps it is the same old coffee every day and night that you have been consuming it like water for so many years. It becomes just like the air that you breathe in. You’ll never realize the existences until it disappear.

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