Thursday, January 31, 2008

My 8 tips on learning second language

  1. Search for computer games in languages that you want to learn. The best game to choose is Role Playing Game (RPG). This type of game need player to read, listen and understand the story in order to move on and complete the game.
  2. Search for songs in languages that you want to learn. There are definitely some nice songs that you can look for. It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand it. As long as it is nice to listen then it’s good. Look for the lyrics too. Here’s a plugin that you can use to get the lyrics. Play it in the car or when you’re studied. Just play the songs when ever you like it. You don’t have to listen to is carefully. This is to get you familiar with the language.
  3. Search for interesting movies or cartoons in languages you want to learn. This is almost the same as above just that you get to watch it. Some movies have subtitles that you can read along when watch the movies. That gives you an opportunity to match what was said in the movies.
  4. Using internet as learning and practicing tool. You can look for websites or blogs in that particular language. You might not understand it fully but at least you can have a look. Sign up Skype, Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger and look for friends that communicate using the language that you studied. Make friends with them and try to use the languages more often. Make sure you tell them that you’re still at learning stage to avoid misunderstanding.
  5. Exchange diary with you friend. This works well if you find an opposite sex of friend that have the same interest in learning the language. Get a notebook that both of you can write on. You’ll write for the first day, and then pass the notebook to your friend the next day. He/she will then write something on it and pass back to you the nest day. Both of you can write anything. You can even start a conversation using the notebook. Just that both of you need to use the language that you’re learning. This works well if you find a partner that willing to cooperate with you.
  6. Write letters or get a pen pal that uses the language you’re learning. Having the old fashion way of writing on a piece of paper is fun. Waiting for the letters to arrive and keeping a whole bunch of the letters can be an interesting hobby. If you still prefer the modern way of writing emails also works well. The point is you get to communicate by writing using the language that you learn.
  7. Subscribe magazines that use the language you’re learning. Pick a magazine that you like best but must be in the languages that you’re learning. If you’re worrying about not having any time to read it, then get an expensive magazine. I’m sure you won’t make it a waste for not reading it after paying for that much. If you prefer to get newspaper in stead of the magazine, that’s fine too. Either way it works just the same.
  8. Learning is not a process of hard working. It’s a way of having fun. So make it so. Having to make the language interesting to learn is more effective then having to memorize or practice it without reasons.


Anonymous said...

thank for sharing this tips... from SC

kumowai said...

Thanks, I hope this info helps.