Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Business idea from drinking coffee

It’s a small idea but it’s still considered as a good business idea. Well, as long as you make money it then it is consider good. I just found out this special item that they sell in Canada, call the rim roller. Basically it’s just a device for you to roll up the rim of a paper cup. Why do you need to do that? That’s because in Canada when you buy yourself a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons, you’ll get a chance to enter their yearly contest and win yourself some prizes. The ticket is just right beneath the rim of the coffee cup. After finish your coffee, you need to roll up the rim to see if you win yourself anything. It may seem easy but it’s going to take more then 10 sec to do it. Try it yourself and you’ll know.

In order to make things easy, Paul Kind invented the rim roller that takes only 3 sec to roll it up. It’s a pretty handy tool if you need to roll up at least a cup of coffee everyday. The tool cost $1.95 and it really does worth it if you’re using it everyday.

When you think of it, this rim roller was created because there is a demand of people wanted to roll up the coffee cup. The reason of that is because of the yearly prize that Tim Hortons offering. This makes me think that business opportunity is all around us. The question is that are we able to see it and making a profit out of it. This goes the same as earning money online. The ones that see where the demand is and provide the proper needs will be getting the profits out of it.

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