Thursday, October 18, 2007

Video and Web Conferencing for Everybody

Initially it was just green color alphabets. Later on we have more colors and then pictures are available. Now we are getting more videos online. That’s about what is going on right now on the net. As the speed of connection increases, we can watch better videos without waiting. Thus we have video conferencing that connects everybody from all over the world. Some blogger even use videos as part of their post. This you can check out ProBlogger.

Even my blog have 2 video posted about coffee. Of cause if I want to make my own video, that’s not going to be a problem. I just like writing it out more then saying it out. There are some benefits of using video then writing. Video makes is easy because a few second of video clips can take out thousand words. Also “seeing is believing” and it makes things more convincing and real. Different situation requires different method to get the best results.

Video conferencing can get people closer as we can see each other live. Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN provided these services. I’m sure most of you already using it. Some site and blog included them to help or get close to their readers. It’s really a good idea to have video conferencing with all your readers but you need to spare more time to do it. If you have few thousand readers waiting to have a video conferencing with you, then its better that you make a video and post it. Bloggers are a bit difficult because there is only 1 of you. It’s difficult to control the situation when you have many readers. Those sites that are offering help using video conferencing hire many operators to do the work. Readers are looking for solution and not for that particular person. So, as for us blogger, it’s better to do it just like Problogger.

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