Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some Jobs for Bloggers

In order to maintain a blog, posting at a consistent basis is a must. Trying to maintain minimum a post per day can be hard work. Unless you have nothing else to do but blogging then that might be an easy task. In order to keep up the posting, a lot of the blogs are hiring freelancing blog writers to fill up the gap. It does help to ease things up, besides bringing some new writing style to the blog. Thus create some job opportunities for stay at home bloggers. If you’re lucky, you might be hired for blogging for few years. The first job board that I post here will be from Problogger. I’ll try to locate more sites that provide the same services so that you guys can have more choices.

P/S: Taking up these jobs can help to promote your own blog. Especially if you provide a good post, you will be notice. Good things will be shared.

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