Monday, October 22, 2007

Review Me just like PayPerPost

I have been sign up with ReviewMe for more then a month and I’m still waiting for them to approve my blog. It seems that it’s going to take more time for my blog to meet their minimum requirement. I sure need to work on my blog to reach their high qualification standards. That makes me desperately want to get ReviewMe approval more. It’s recognition that my blog have reached a certain rank in search engine.

Once my blog get approved, bloggers will be able to request a review of their blog through my blog for a certain amount of price. So far the biggest amount of price that I’ve seen is $400. For start, I think I’m OK with just $20.

For the time being, the only thing that I can earn money from ReviewMe is their Affiliate programs. You get $25 for every new advertiser that you bring in, and they need to purchase at least a review. This is much better then writing the review yourself if your price is set below $25.

You can submit your blog to ReviewMe even if your blog is still young. Once your blog get through their qualification, they’ll inform you. Before that you can try to promote their Affiliate programs. By the way, the pay out is by PayPal.

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