Monday, October 01, 2007

Myngle – Learn another language at home

Ever since China open up to the world, Chinese language has become must in manufacturing business. Well, not just Chinese language that you need to learn but also the native language at the particular state. Frankly speaking even myself also face some problem when communicate in China. (I know Chinese, Hokkian and Cantonese) So learning Chinese or another language seems to be a hot business now days. If you want to go to China for the Olympic events next year, then I suggest you pick up some lesson.

Here’s a site that I found to be providing this services. Myngle provides one-on-one classes basically for any languages. All you need is just sit in front of your PC and class will be start. It’s just like a personal tutor right at your home. You can pick your time, teacher, language levels and get started right away. I kind of like this services because good language teacher is hard to come by. Through internet we can have a Chinese teacher right from China. That will be much easier than looking for one in the state.

If you’re a language teacher or wanted to teach, you too can sign up. You can offer your service as a native speaker having conversational practice with the students. Just contact them if you’re interested.

P/S: This site is still at Beta stage but if you’re interested no harm trying it. Beside the people behind it seems to be good in what they do. Check it out.


Mido said...

Thanks for this site


kumowai said...

Welcome, mido.