Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sign up web hosting with Hostgator

The concept of affiliate program has been used by many online businesses. One of them is the web hosting company. In this post I’ll be talking about web hosting company. Like other web hosting company, provides cPanel, Reseller and dedicated website hosting to customers. In order to promote and increase their sales, has an affiliate program that we can earn some extra money. Their program is as below.

The more sales you referred in a month, the more you earn. The only drawback is that you have to wait for 60 days. That’s because they need to make sure that the sales are not fraud. Banners and links are available after you sign up as an affiliate. Payment can be made using Paypal.


iCalvyn said...

the commision are quite attractive..if not mistaken.. some people earn this commision with doing scam..but not sure how they do it

kumowai said...

That sound interesting but I don't think will let them go far with the scam.

DanieL said... is sure one of the better web hosting site. alot of my frienz are using and i'm considering of getting it too =)

still doing research one web hosting and domain name.

thx for the information =)

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kumowai said...

Hope you can share with us after your research.

bathmate said...

It looks so good in the post.
Many thanks for your nice posting, I like it.