Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ideablob – Submit your idea to win $10,000

If you have a business idea in your mind and you need some cash to kick off, then you might consider submit it to Ideablob. Ideablob is giving away $10,000 every month for the winners of the idea submitted. You can submit as many ideas that you have and each submission is treated separately. The community is the judge and you are eligible to vote for the winning idea if you registered. This site is launched by Advanta, one of the largest credit card issuers in the US. They started out small with an idea and less then $100 but end up a big business as we speak. Oh, one more thing. This contest is only open to the US citizens, start from 24th Sep until 31st March 2008.

If you have a good idea, why not give it a try. Who knows somebody might be interested in your idea. You might be the lucky one to win the $10,000 and have people invest in your idea. Of cause you must be a US citizen to participate. As for the rest of us, hold on for a while. If this site is a good idea, somebody else will set up a similar site in your country.

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