Thursday, October 25, 2007

Freelance Switch, a community of freelancers

Here’s a site where you can find lots of freelancer hanging out here from all over the world. FreelanceSwitch sure looks very nice indeed. It does not have the smell of the office work. It looks relaxing, fresh and fun. The site really makes me want to hang out for a bit longer. FreelanceSwitch did a very good job on collecting all the information on freelancing. They have a blog, job board, hired gun, forums, pod casts and resources.

The blog of FreelanceSwitch provides the latest news regarding freelancing, advice and opinions. You can find pretty much everything about the site and the people behind it. That’s the place to see which direction that they want to move the site.

The Job board is the place where you search for jobs that suits you. It’s the same as other freelancing jobs site. FreelanceSwitch categories their jobs into design/illustration, programming, writing/blogging, Misc and flash.

FreelanceSwitch also plans to release an ebook regarding all the ins and outs of freelancing from setting up your freelance business to getting clients to pay up. The book is still being edited and will be release soon. If you’re interested, you can subscribe their mailing list to get a $10 off.

FreelanceSwitch also have a forums section where freelancer can discussion their problems and share their experience. If you’re tired of all the readings and typing, you can check out their Freelance Radio to hear all the tips, tricks and news of freelancing. You can just load them up to your Ipod through ITunes.

Finally you can check out they freelance resources for some freelancing guides. Not much but helpful.

Bottom line, FreelanceSwitch covers almost every aspect of freelancing. There are a lot of advertisements in the site but still it’s easy to find the main content. Not a problem at all. The next thing that FreelanceSwitch need to do is just get more job listed and content on the site. It’s pretty much one good site that benefits freelance writers.

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