Thursday, November 29, 2007

Before and after Married

Before married, the time that both couple spends together move unexpectedly fast. Before you realize it, you’ve already standing in the church exchanging wedding rings.

After married, it feels like the time is moving very slow just like taking a trip on the bus take took hours but still hasn’t reached the destination.

Before married, feels like a drug addict. The more drugs you take, the more you needed. Never ever had enough with it.

After married, feels like taking the drugs to fight the cancer. Can’t stop taking it. Without the drugs it’s a irresistible pain until end of life. Must have in order to live on.

Before married, just playing stupid. Every action can be done before going through your head.

After married, feels like take on the last stupid act. Every action has to think it over and over and over and…before doing it.

Before married, you can be high profile.

After married, you have to be low profile.

Before married, you can have your favorite beer in the bar. The beer taste sweet.

After married, you can have your bottle of beer at home. The beer taste sour.

P/S : Why do I still have the feeling that I'll get married someday...

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