Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Track the job with Joblighted

The thing that makes Joblighted special is that you are able to find the location of the jobs using Google Map. That’s an interesting stuff as you’re able to know how far your work place from your home. Most of the posts are looking for full-timer. Not much for freelancer, just 1~2 can be found as I glance through. You can come back to this site to check it out. Who knows it might have more freelance jobs later. Joblighted pulls jobs posted from several site like JoelonSoftware, 37signals, CrunchBoard, Slashdot, AuthenticJobs, VentureBeat, TechGigger, MetaFilter, Python, Krop, Coroflot and freshWebJobs. It helps to reduce the time and effort as you can find it all in Joblighted.

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