Saturday, November 10, 2007

What type of blogger are you?

That is the question that I always ask myself. I started to blog late last year with no purpose or target. Basically I just needed some place to express my feelings and thoughts. After few months of surfing and blogging then I decided to include some tips on making money online. This is my first blog and I really do like the feeling of posting my words here. So back to the question of what type of blogger am I.

In my opinion, I think blogger can be categorized into 2 types. The first type is the self center type. That means the world is spinning around according to the blogger. More like a creative singer where you have the stage and people are enjoying your songs and performance. This type of blogger just listens to his/her heart and blog as he/she likes. Pretty much does not care about the response of the readers. Readers are attracted to his/her charm.

The second type of blogger works or writes according to how the world spins. More like an actor or actress where you have to do everything according to the scrip. This type of blogger listened to the readers and answered the request. Interact with the readers and giving his/her love to the readers. Readers returned because of the well treat by the bogger.

So, what type of blogger are you. I’m placed between these two types with a bit more towards the first one. Of cause I’m trying to be the second type but sometimes I just get carry away when posting. Either way, you need to be good in it to attract more traffic. Still you need to work hard to get it.


mauniejames3 said...

I too guess I am a cross between the two. I don't care who or if anyone reads my blogs...I'm just kinda expressing myself...except for my poem, book club...because I like it and wondered if anyone else did...please read my blog and tell I just full of myself? or should I continue in case someone else likes my stuff

kumowai said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I'll check on your blog and leave a comment there. I think we don't have to worry too much about this. As long as we are comfortable with how we blog then it should be fine.

Edward said...

2nd type, readers are my motivation to keep blogging

kumowai said...

Good for you edward.