Sunday, November 04, 2007

ReviewBack instead of paid review

We have seen a lot of link exchange but do you know that we can even exchange reviews? Well, for those bloggers that wanted to get their blog reviewed by others without paying then you might want to consider ReviewBack. The concept is simple, just sign up, add your blogs and look for other blogs that is the same categories and do a review exchange. More like I scratch your back, you scratch my back. In this case, It’s I blog you, you blog me. It sure is another good method to promote your blog. ReviewBack is just a plain simple site for bloggers to do review exchange.

One thing that I have to point out is that with others paid review services like ReviewMe out there, bloggers that received few hundred bucks to do a review might not be in the circle. Making extra money sure is better then doing exchange. Beside their main goal is to make money.

Exchanging reviews is almost the same as exchange links. In fact I think the effect will be much better because your blog is explained and elaborated to different readers, targeting readers instead of just search engine.

ReviewBack definitely a good place to market and promote your blog, especially new blogs. Try it.


DanieL said...

ReviewBack, now i know where i can go to have my site reviewed =)

often get my frienz to give me suggestions and comments so that i can constantly improve.

thx alot for the information!


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kumowai said...

Glad that it helps Daniel.

iCalvyn said...

i use this service before, not bad, but the respond from other blogger not so nice

kumowai said...

I see. I'll write about it later after I try it out.