Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First thing that you’ll touch when entering a house

What is the first thing that you’ll touch when entering a house. Yes, that’s right. The answer is door handles. If you’re visiting a house for the first time, the touch of the door handle will be the first hand shake before getting to know the house inside. It is considered to be a greeting. If that gives a good impression then visitors will feel that they are welcome to the house. Thus it is very important to decorate the entrance of your house nicely so that people will feel welcome. If you do a research on the house entrance of different religions and people around the world, you’ll notice that it’s a lot more than just a door. It is an art of greeting guests and it starts from the entrance. A lot of us might not spend that much money on the entrance, but at least we make it simple and comfortable for our guests. That is why choosing a nice door handle can really makes the difference. As for the people that stay in the house, we need to add one more condition. That is the need of feeling safe. A strong solid and heavy feeling when pushes down the door handle to open up the door can really make people feel safe and protected behind the door. If you check the history of door, you’ll find that it used to be very big and heavy. Try identifying the door handles back then. You’ll be surprise to see that it doesn’t come close to what we’re using now.

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