Friday, March 28, 2008

Online video other then youtube

When we’re talking about online video, Youtube is one of those popular sites out there. The site becomes more popular after Google bought it. Besides Youtube, there are actually lots of online video sites that you may not know about. The problem is that they might not be that good. Not good as some of the sites required you to download their player in order to watch the videos. You may also watch the latest movie or tv series on some of the sites. The problem with this is that it involves copyright issue. Does it Sounds a bit familiar with the cases regarding music sharing online? With the increase of the speed and capacity online, we can now watch video online without a problem. A lot of movies and TV series are available free online. If you know the right place to search then you can watch all of them for free. This is just like what happen to the music sharing few years ago. There were no control back then and it is causing a lot of damages to the music industry. Now it is happening to videos. The difference is that the video industries already prepared for it and know that this situation will occur as internet advances. Some damages will still take place but the damages are under control. Even if people are able to download the movies, they still prefer the big screen. Watching a movie on a 17” monitor with no sound effects is nothing compare to big screen with the latest sound effect. Besides, it’s one good place to spend your time with your loves one.

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