Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Money matter around the world in 2008

If you’ve be following the news lately, you’ll know that the economic nowadays are not very good. Oil price is going up and stocks are going down in several countries like US, Japan, Europe and China. The value of US dollar has been dropping rapidly. In other words, business might not be good around the world.

Lately I kind of stumble into this post regarding mortgages at MoneyMagic. Here is a part of the article.

“People deciding on a new mortgage have been urged to act fast by brokers as deals are changing quickly. Over a million fixed-rate deals are due to expire in 2008 and brokers are saying to snap up a deal as quickly as possible before they are pulled.”

That might be true judging from the economic nowadays. Deals might be difficult to get later on. I’m not saying that you won’t be able to make the deal but the rates and conditions might change according to the economic. Looking at the situation right now, it might not be good to the people.

Few things that happened lately might have some impact towards the economic. Things like election in the US, Taiwan and Malaysia, the protests in Tibet and the coming Olympic event are most likely affected the economic. So, what can we do to help up? Well, we can start by saving the energy used and stop wasting the resources. Reducing the electricity bills and the car petrol usage can help a lot. Imagine if each person in the country save USD5 of car petrol or electric bill per month. How much money will the country save for a year? You can take US as an example and do the math. Just roughly do the calculation and you’ll discover that it’s a larger amount of money we’re saving. I’ll say this is much easier and simpler than waiting for the government to take action to improve the economic.


Ambrosiality said...

HA HA those are the best instructions I've ever seen, The captions & directions really help.

Its also bad when the instruction manual is too complex. I still haven't figured out how to turn the navigation system volume down [shrugs]

kumowai said...

I can see that as your comment are under the wrong post. :) said...

only the minority green lover, caring group ppl will walk the extra mile to save n preserve the environment. In general, all is taking advantage of the conveniences, n foremost they live in the present that worry not on the future

kumowai said...

Well, we can't expect everybody to do it. Even if there is only 1 person willing to cooperate each time you mention about this, there is still hope.