Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Make money with Buzzfuse enables you to market your blog articles, photos and music. It’s one way to drive traffic to your blog. For start, you need to invite at least 5 viewers by sending out 5 emails. That already helps to drive 5 people to Buzzfuse and to your blog. If you sign up for premium subscriber, you get to sell your music and photos. Whenever you release something new, Buzzfuse will notify your trusted reviewer so that they are able to check out your blog. Visitors will have the choice to purchase and download your music or photos with the price that you set. Buzzfuse will handle all the payment and delivery. If you’re using a normal account, you can only offer free download of your work instead of selling them.

Only premium account holders are able to earn money from Buzzfuse. Besides selling your photos and music, you are able to earn the shares revenue from Buzzfuse base on the performance of your content or your blog articles. If you choose to be a normal account holder only, then the most that you’ll get is traffic. You can have it as normal account and built up the traffic first. Once you achieve a large amount of traffic, and then upgrade it to premium account. Traffic equals money. If you have the traffic, then premium account will helps you earn the money.

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