Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speed up your Windows Vista

In my previous post, I talk about how slow Windows Vista is compare to Windows XP. You can either change back to Windows XP or make some changes on Windows Vista to speed things up. If you choose to stay with Windows Vista, then you can refer to the links below for tips to increase the speed. Like all version of Windows, the default setting are for general usage. The setting will try to cover all the general things that most customers will used. As a result, a lot of application will be installed. When it comes to Windows Vista, there has been tons of new application created for the past few years. In order to make it general usage, Windows try to cover all or most of them. Not like the early version of Windows 3.1 which does not have much application. It’s not too difficult to cover everything. When you reached the stage where too many things to cover, it will be wise to just drop the general version and make it customize. Take for example if you’re able to customize Windows Vista for each user, then a lot of unnecessary applications and tools can be removed. This will eventually make Windows Vista faster and more efficient when working on it. I think it’s time that Microsoft needs to make a big change on Windows if the company wants to stay on top of the business.

P/S: Just like when you’re in primary and secondary school, you’ll learn everything in general. When you go to college, then it’s time to focus on the study field that you need.

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