Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Free programming materials and other university lectures

I’ve been posting a lot regarding free computer programming classes and study materials on this blog. I put up a post regarding this topic whenever I found free materials online. These materials are very valuable and they don’t come in cheap if you make it your main study course in university. Below are the 3 posts regarding free computer programming materials that I put up before.

Attending Programming classes or go for tutorials online

Free computer programming courses online

A Link to help you study programming

On top of that, I found another 2 sites with free computer programming books and a site with free university lectures.

Teach yourself a computer language

Food for thought

Free university lectures

Learning is not a process that you stop after graduated from college. It is a process that you start when you’re born and ends when you leave this world. It doesn’t matter if you pass or fail the examination or test. You just keep on learning and learning.


Colorado Baby Cares said...

I like your blog...I have not been around lately,,Keep up the good work and it sounds like your a caring person..Colorado Baby

kumowai said...

Thanks, please drop by again.