Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Useful tips that you need for Windows XP

Windows XP probably is the most common used software around the world. Even it’s been quite some time since the launch of Windows Vista. Windows XP is still the most convenient software out there. Here’s a couple of links that provide some useful tips regarding Windows XP. The tips will allow you to…

  • Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini
  • Speed up the Start Menu
  • Group Policy for Windows XP
  • Temporarily Assign Yourself Administrative Permissions
  • Change your CD Key
  • Remove the Shared Documents folders from My Computer
  • Do an unattended installation
  • Stop Windows Messenger from Auto-Starting
  • Remove Windows Messenger
  • Automatically Kill Programs At Shutdown
  • Speeding Up Share Viewing

Some of the info might be out dated but it still gives you an idea of what you can do on your Windows XP. Used it wisely and it should help improve you Windows XP performance.

  1. Windows XP Tips
  2. Windows XP Hacks

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