Saturday, March 15, 2008

Online multiple language keyboard enables you to type in multiple languages online. This is very handy and useful when you’re traveling in different countries and using their local computers. Take for example if you’re from China travel to US and trying to use the local PC on an internet café. You might face some difficulties trying to type in Chinese language in an American PC. Well, this site enable you to type freely just like a Chinese Windows. No setting required, just go to the site and select your choice of language and you're ready. You can even send emails, search Google or Wikipedia in Chinese languages. There is also an English translation and dictionary features too. There are many languages available such as Japanese, French, Deutsch, Italian and so on for you to choose. It’s very useful when you’re travel around the world as you don’t have to change the setting of the computer to suit the language used.

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Anonymous said...

first time I have seen this kind of site, its very nice, If there is API support I will plug in my site eChatforum