Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Jobs for Freelancers

I’ve notice that more sites related to freelancing jobs are been created lately. Beside Elance, I found another 2 new freelancing sites. Well, with the help of the cyber world internet people are able to work at home. In fact if you’re good in what you do, you can be self employed without signing under any company. In this case you have full control of your work and your time. This may sound nice because you have what we call “Freedom” but still there are some pros and cons about it. For sure this road will be lonely. If you work in a company, then you have the chance to meet up with different kind of people. Sometimes it does feel good to be able to “talk” with somebody instead of “type” with somebody.

FreelanceNation jobs are more from US. It’s new so you might have a greater chance to get the job.

EasyFreelancing jobs are more from Malaysia. This site is also new as you can see only a few jobs available.

If you’re new in freelancing jobs, then it would be better that you look for projects here. Fewer competitors meaning you’ll have better chance to get the jobs. Once you prove yourself then it will be easier to get the next project. The first steps are always the most difficult and hard to step out. Once you get over it, things will run smooth later on.

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