Friday, January 18, 2008

Free computer programming courses online

Lately I’ve been studying CSS programming by myself. That’s no tuition, no teacher, no books and don’t know where to start at all. The only reference that I can get is form the net. Blogs and sties that offer free tips about CSS is what I depend on. After that, it’s just lots of trying, testing and practice. Honestly I don’t really like programming at all back in college time. The best grades that I can get from programming classes are C. It’s not that I don’t study at all, I just can’t think like a programmer. At much as I don’t like it but here I am again studying CSS. I never imagine that I need to learn programming again until I start blogging. It’s not that I want to but I need to learn some of it to edit my blog. It is more convenience and easy if you understand a bit of programming. Giving you the opportunity to make your blog unique without paying others to modified your blog.

That is the whole story for the reason that I keep on searching for free programming courses. There are lots of free courses and tools for programming purposes. Finding those sites is the problem. Here’s a site that I found that provides 10 sources of free computer programming courses online. Some of the sources are from universities and the information provided is very much sufficient to keep you busy for few months. If you’re a university student that needs some programming references, then this is just the site for you.


OS9USER said...

I recently discovered this myself.

It is great to find free courses online, I posted a few links this week myself.

Some people call me a "Guru" , but you never can know it all.

Keep up the great work kumowai, and if you feel like helping me out with a few mind bottler's let me know. I wrote most of my template, but it is not easy !

OS9USER - Who said you can't teach an old dog (like me) new tricks ?

kumowai said...

Thanks os9user.