Saturday, January 05, 2008

Windows XP or Windows Vista

From the first day Windows Vista launches I still haven’t get a thumb up from my friends that are using it. All of my friends that purchase notebook that comes with Windows Vista eventually switch back to Windows XP after using it for 1~2 month. I did check with one of my friends and have a look at his Windows Vista before format the whole thing. It seems that with the basic specification given by the computer dealer is not enough to run for Windows Vista. That’s because it takes a long time to start up the operating system. Even when you have more then 3 application running at the same time, you’ll see that things will start to slow down. So if you’re using Windows XP right now and thinking of updating it to Vista, better think twice before doing it. At least you need to up grade you memory before switching to Vista. Here’s some of the info that I found regarding Windows Vista and XP.

Vista - Arrogance & Stupidity

The video below compare Vista and XP using 2 identical laptops.

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