Saturday, April 12, 2008

Add more stuff to your blog with Zemanta

I post about Zemanta at my other blog few days ago. This tool looks interesting and useful for bloggers, so I decided to post about it here too. Good things should be shared. Zemanta is a tool that enables you to add extra content to your post. Right after you type in your title and original content into your post, related information will be displayed for you to choose and insert to your post. Before that you need to download and install the tool. The tools works under Firefox browser and supports platform like Wordpress, Blogger and Typepad. A sidebar with related content will displayed right after the installation. Check out the demo video for better understanding on how this tool looks like. You’re able to add related stuff like pictures, articles, links and tags using this tool. It should be able to spice up a little bit for your blog when you don’t have much content.


Suz said...

This is a great tool! Thanks for the heads up about it, I'm definitely going to add it to my blog although we'll have to wait and see if the sidebar suggestions become anoying when I do have a dense blog post that doesn't need more information.

kumowai said...

Let's just see how they improve. It's still new and there are many things need to be done.