Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get your coffee comic weekly

Here’s a site where you can get a shot of espresso comic weekly - Coffee Comix. It’s a site that posts a new comic regarding coffee every Monday morning. You can sign up the newsletter and have the comics delivered to your email box. You can also request for html code to post the comics in your personal blog. That is if your blog or site is a “not for profit”.

There is just one thing that I have to mention about this site. I’m not just having coffee on Monday but every weekday, sometimes even Saturday and Sunday if I have unfinished work to do. I think most of us are having this kind of work schedule. It would be better to have a shot of coffee comic at least for every weekday. That’s 5 comic per week. It may sound a lot of work but many people are having at least a cup of coffee every day. Only a cup of coffee per week for Monday is just not enough.


Suz said...

Great site! Thanks so much for sharing it.
I agree with you though, we need coffee at least once per day. Perhaps Coffee Comix will up their publication schedule if we get enough bloggers to post about their desire for more.

kumowai said...

Well, I think that's up to Coffee Comix to decide what to do.