Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watch Videos on WonderHowTo

Previously I post about howstuffworks. Right after that a friend of mine introduces me to this site –WonderHowTo. The site is pretty much the same as HowStuffWorks. The difference is that the site uses Videos to explain things. Currently there are 165 videos and most of them are related to food. The idea of using video to explain things is really a good idea. Unfortunately having only video as the only way to present the information faces a lot of competition. One big competitor will be Youtube. The same information or videos can be easily found in Youtube. Plus Youtube has larger collection of videos online and that makes it the first place people will visits. In order to compete, the site needs something better to stand out from the competition. The most common and effective way that I seen most sites uses is revenue sharing. Just share part of the revenue will members that contribute their videos will sure help boost the site. It’s not something new but it sure is a method that works.


Debo Hobo said...

I love informative and helpful blogs such as Wonder How To. I am a information junky!:)

kumowai said...

In that case please share your information. I like to know all about it. (>,<)