Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting a Phone card or calling card

When it comes to international call or long distance call, I tend to go for phone cards or calling cards. It’s not that I can’t make the call directly from my phone, just that it is better to use the cards. It might be a little bit troublesome to use the phone cards because you need to dial a lot of numbers before you can get through, but still there are couple of benefits that worth all the trouble. The first benefit is save money. The rates are much lower then calling it directly from your home phone. You can compare it by just checking the telephone book. The rates are listed there. If you’re using phone cards, you’re restricted to use the amount of money that you bought for the services for each cards. That helps to control the money you spend for making calls. Sometimes we just get carried away when having a conversation, especially with our loves one. We always end up taking too much time on the phone. The best thing about phone cards is simple to use. We don’t have to sign any contract to use it. Just pay for the cards. Follow the instruction to push the numbers and we’ll be connected. It’s best for everyone, especially for students that study aboard.


Suz said...

Do you use a 'top up' mobile phone as well? I've often thought of going this way, but I seem to be stuck in a perpetual cell phone contract. However, I can see how a top up phone combined with a land line that uses a calling card could be a great combination.

Personally, I prefer Skype. It has the advantages of a calling card (pay as you go) without the hassle of dialling all those numbers or loosing the card (my favorite trick). Plus they've got cheap rates like calling cards.

kumowai said...

The good thing about calling cards is that you just have to carry the card and use any phone that you can find. Skype is good but you need to bring have a PC that connects to the net. Calling cards are more convenient to use.