Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where in the world do missing emails go?

The first thing that I do everyday right after having my breakfast is to check my email. This has become a routine work without thinking about it. The email that I received each day is about 20~50 and that does not includes spam email. That’s considering to be a lot for me. I even have friends that received more than hundred a day. Each day I send out at least 5 emails. I tried not to send out too many emails as I really considered that as pollution. As emails are free and easy to send out, a lot of people tried to make full use of it. That is how email spamming arises. It’s not a good thing as this causes a lot of junk email going though the network. Can you imagine the email that we send out with important issue or information is flooded together? It won’t be a surprise that some of our emails do not reach their destination. The question is where do these missing emails go?

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