Thursday, April 03, 2008

Coffee Nerds with live Web Cam

This is something new and interesting. If you check out the site coffee nerds, you’ll find that there is a live web cam showing a coffee shop 24 hours a day. The web cam shows the counter of the shop and you can see customers lining up for a cup of coffee. Customers might not know that their face is online for the world but I think the employees realized about this. It’s not a bad thing but if I were to work there, I might feel a little bit uncomfortable. I need to be alert and behave as the world is watching me. Every good and bad about me will be exposed the minute I forgot about the web cam. Pretty much just like the movie Ed TV.


Suz said...

Loving the site! Thanks for sharing. I am running off to share it will all my fellow coffee addicts. Now I can 'be in a coffee shop' without actually going anywhere.

kumowai said...

Glad you like it.

Martin said...

very nice! :)