Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What can we know from Alexa Top 100 sites Malaysia?

Did you ever check out your country Alexa top 100 sites? You can easily check it by visiting the Alexa site. There is some information that you can gather from the top 100 list. The most obvious info is that you get to know the favorite sites in that particular country. That means you get to know what the people in that particular country likes. It’s one good way to do market research if you’re planning to do business. You just need to remember that this market is only for people who have access to the internet. Take for example – Malaysia Alexa Top 100 sites. You get to know where Malaysian surfer hangout. Plus if you’re a foreigner that planning to visit or travel to Malaysia, you can check out Malaysia Alexa Top 100 sites for information regarding the country, culture and the people. You’ll also get to know what’s really going on in the county at that moment. If you plan to buy something for a Malaysian friend that you’re going to visit than you really need to check it out. You don’t want to get a gift that he/she doesn’t like but pretend to like it.

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