Friday, May 14, 2010

The color combination used for design website and blog

If you’re a blog or website designer, I suppose you always faces the question of what color should I be using for the blog theme or website template. So just exactly how web or blog designer choose the right colors? It’s not just one color but a list of colors that suitable for website or blog. A blog theme or website template uses more than one color. One main color will be chosen and the rest of the colors surrounding the theme or template need to be match. That gives us a series or a range of colors. So the question is how do we get the best color combination? I suppose this has to do with finding the best color combination to make the blog theme or website template attractive and interesting. In other words, it’s more a less painting the scenery with the right colors.

    Here’s a website call Color Combos where you can find the best color combination for your website template or blog theme design. There are lots of color combination available to choose in this site. If you’re not so convincing or satisfied with the color combination listed, there are 2 other tools that you can use to check it out. You can use the Combo Tester available which allows user to see different color combination and how the colors work together on the screen. If you’re not satisfied with the color combination listed, perhaps you can check out the Combo library too. There are hundreds of color swatches along with color hex values.

    I think this website is good for those trying to get a list or combination of colors for their website template or blog theme design. Finding the right combination of color is not an easy work. It really does take time to try out each and every combination available to find the best comfortable acceptable display.

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