Friday, May 07, 2010

Lack of Sleep linked to early death, really?

I just saw an article from Yahoo title Lack of sleep linked to early death: study. According to the article, people who get less than six hours sleep per night have an increase risk of dying prematurely. People who sleep more than nine hours per night also considered not healthy. Just which is better? Sleep more or sleep less? I suppose enough sleep is the best. The question is how much sleep is considered enough. If base on what is mention above, it should be around six to nine hours per day. Ideally that should be the amount of time that we should be sleeping per day. Still the world does not work that way. Sometimes we work a lot, sometimes we get sick and sometimes we don’t get to sleep because of some other reasons. I suppose the best way to decide how much we need to sleep is just listen to our body. That is why we get tired and sleepy. That is the sign or signals that out body trying to tell us that it’s time to sleep.  If we listen to our body and sleep accordingly, we get enough sleep and rest accordingly. That should keep us from early death I think.

    I think we shouldn’t be worry so much about sleeping less may cause early death. There are tons of things that can cause early death and having to sleep less might just be the lowest in the rank. We just have to live the best we can while we still can.

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