Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get your FREE Alcohol 120% 5.5 blu ray version

Alcohol 120% is a product that enables users to duplicate and burn DVDs. It’s a popular product for movie lovers. Here’s a chance for you to get the license for FREE. You may download the software though this link. There are some settings that you need to do before you’re able to use this software. This version of Alcohol 120% is specially made for German market. So you need to read some German language to proceed with the installation and settings. But I think that’s not a problem because you can use Google Translate to help you understand it. This is not the latest version of Alcohol 120% and only supports Windows XP and Vista. Be sure to check if your computer fulfill the basic requirement before continue with the installation.

    Once you’ve download the installation program for Alcohol 120%, run it. Before you can install the program, click on internet which brings you to a registration window that will provides you a FREE license. Just fill up the particulars and send it out. You’ll receive 2 emails. The first email is a confirmation email and the second email will provides you the license key and ID. Once you have successfully gathered this information then you can start the installation.

P/S: You might need to restart your computer during the process of installation. It will be easier if you’re able to read German language. Just use Google Translate to help you get through the installation.

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