Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take care of your Facebook personal information

I read about 7 things to stop doing now on Facebook and it seems that facebook is not as secure as it seems. Well, if you really don’t want others to get to your personal information, the best way is not to upload it online. Once your information is online, there is no guarantee that the info will not leak out.

    Just how easy others can find your information online? Try doing a search with your name using Google search. If you type in your name exactly the same as you display your name in Facebook, you’ll find that your Facebook profile page will be listed. So if you have a friend that you haven’t contact or see each other for a long time, you might have a higher chance to find him within Facebook. That is if he or she registered an account on Facebook using the actual name.

    Facebook might be the best place to share your life with the people that you know and love, it also a place to leak your information to the world. That is if you are not careful with the information security.

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