Thursday, May 20, 2010

Occupation health issues occurs when you work more than 60 hours per week

If you often work more than 12 hours on weekdays and often return to work on Saturday and Sunday, perhaps you might need to take a look at the article below. “6 Serious Office Health Risks” is the article that I found lately that discuss about the problems that we might have if we tend to work long hours. Health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, joint problems, eyestrain, bacteria and stress are some of the common problems that we face. As a blogger myself I do have couple of similar problems too. Due to long hours keeping in touch with my keyboard, I suffered wrist pain cause by ganglion cyst. I never did realize it until I feel a bump on my wrist. It appeared that I have been typing too much and over strain my wrist.

    Let’s discuss about how we work, especially if we are working in an office. Right from the moment that we sit on our chair with our desk and computer, we never stop staring at the monitor with hand on the keyboard. We won’t move our bottom unless we need to go for a meeting, get something to eat or drink, go toilet and go home after work. Imagine if you keep on repeating the same routine activities for years, what will happen? First of all your health might just be at stake. You’ll start to grow a fat tummy and feel tired easily.

    So what’s the best solution? Perhaps the best thing is prevent working for long hours. Practicing a balance between work and life is the best solution. Sadly not all occupation allows us to have that kind of luxury life style. That is why some jobs are highly paid not because of the professional but because of the sacrifices needed. We just have to choose wisely between money, health, family or career.

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