Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great deals we seen might not be as good as it says

Great DEALS, FREE unlimited offer, Sales and many other similar slogans are meant for only one purpose. That is to make sales and generate more business opportunities. If you’re not careful and purchase the so call great deal products, you might regret it later. That’s because most of the great deals mention are not as it seen. Well, let’s just say customers are not told the entire story. In most deals there are good side and bad side. In most cases customers will be brief on the good side of the deal and leave the bad side. If customers don’t voice out and question about the bad side, than it will not be mention.

    So it’s up to us the customers to figure out the tricks and intention behind all those so call Great Deals. Here’s an article from Yahoo that I think we all should take a look – 8 Phony ‘Bargains’ and Better Alternative. I have to say, I did fall for some of the bargains mention in the articles. The first bargain is the unlimited long distance calling plan offered by Phone Company. When I was in US studying for my college degree, I used to switch between 2 Phone Companies because of the international calling plan offered by the phone company. As a result I end up with a large amount of phone bills. Why? Most international calling plan offers for only a short period of time.  If you’re not careful and forget about the expired date of the pan, you’ll end up calling in regular high rates of international phone calls.

    The second bargain is related to bank. If you’re not careful dealing with the deals offered by bank, your money can slip away easily without you noticing. Some of the most obvious and common ways that bank takes you money are when your check bounds back, overdraft, having a low amount of money in a particular account. All the above will result in losing money because bank will impose a penalty which you need to pay.

    If you’re using credit cards, I think most of you experience this before. Late payment, forget to pay up, using cash from credit cards and do not settle all the credit used. All the above are just giving money to credit company. That is why Credit Cards Company earns lots of money despite economic downturn. 

    The extended warranty protection seems to be a new trick from many giant companies. An extension warranty protection cost few hundred dollars. Sounds like a good deal? Well, only if the product breaks down within the warranty period. But think carefully, if the product from such a big company can break down easily, do you think it’s worth buying in the first place. Besides all products are designs not to break within the warranty period but have high chances to break down right after the warranty period. The logic is simple. If company designs product s that can last for long period of time, they’ll run out of business.

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