Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get your FREE Corel MediaOne Standard to edit your photo

If you love to take pictures with your digital camera or phone camera, you might be interested in this FREE Corel MediaOne Standard. This is a FREE software from Corel to let you edit your photo. Core MediaOne Standard is an easy and user friendly software which I think you'll find it useful. If you find this software to be useful and wish to upgrade it to the plus version, you can do that without purchasing it directly. Yes, that means you still can get it FREE fro the plus version. All you need to do is purchase a product from any of TrialPay's premier partners and you can get Corel MediaOne Plus for FREE. Sounds fishy? Well, let me explain it in another way. Basically you can get Corel MediaOne Plus for FREE by just purchasing any one product listed in TrialPay. So if you already have something in mind that you wish to perchase, you can buy it at TrialPay and get your FREE Corel MediaOne Plus. It's just a buy one free one method that is going on here. An example of how things work will be liek this. You purchase some cloths from GAP, which is a TrialPay's premier partners and you'll get your FREE Corel MediaOne plus. You may call this buy one free one deal, but you jsut have to do it the right way to get it.

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