Saturday, May 22, 2010

Listen to FREE Music Online at GrooveShark

Check out GrooveShark if you’re always searching for FREE music online. There are 3 different languages that you can use. Languages available are English, Spanish and Chinese. Still you are able to search for other foreign languages songs. Some of the famous songs are still available if you can spell it in English. No doubt GrooveShark is FREE but that’s just for basic features. If you like GrooveShark very much than you can try upgrade it to VIP member. That’s going to cost you $3 per month or $30 per year. The only reason that I might go for VIP member is the iphone enable feature. You have to be a VIP member to use GrooveShark on iphone. Other than the VIP member fees that you have to pay for using GrooveShark on iphone, I think everything else are interesting to check out. First of all you don’t have to install anything to use GrooveShark. All you have to do is sign up a free account and you can start creating your playlist. You may find it fun to play around with GrooveShark as you search around for your favorite artists and songs.

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