Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your Online Portfolio at Carbonmade

If you’re an illustrator or designer that plays around images, pictures or videos than you should check out Carbonmade. Carbonmade is created to keep your images or videos and presents it in an attractive way. You can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools to display your work. As I’m writing about Carbonmade, the site has 226476 portfolios with 515738 projects and 3586125 images. That’s a lot of users with similar interest gather around to display their work. You may check out the examples and try out the demo before you sign up. Sign up is free for Meh version. The free Meh version allows 5 projects with 35 images and everything needed to build an online portfolio. Well, you may start out with the free Meh version at the beginning and move on to advanced version later. The Whoo version requires $12 per month which allows 50 projects with 500 images and 10 videos. The paid Whoo version also includes domain binding, video & flash projects, ads free, project hiding and tech support.

    Well, as far as I know Carbonmade is a good place to showcase your portfolio and triggers your inspiration. That’s because you get to check out other images and videos which can also considered as the work of your competitor. That’s actually a good way to push and motivate a person to create better design and work.

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