Monday, January 18, 2016

Expensive coffee might not taste good n Cheap coffee might not taste bad

Have you ever heard people complaining about the bad coffee sold in popular coffee franchise such as Coffee Bean or Starbucks? Have you ever heard your neighbors talking about the unique taste of coffee sold just right around the street? Well I’m sure most of us do. Does this prove that the price of coffee does not directly reflect the good quality taste of coffee?

I think this depends on individual as what kind of taste or coffee they like. It is the same like the food that we ate. Some people like western food and some people like Chinese food. So why expensive coffee might taste bad and cheap coffee might taste good? Remember the expensive coffee Luwak? A lot of people who went to Indonesia manage to purchase some of the coffee just to try it out. The world most expensive coffee shouldn’t taste bad. That’s what most of my friends thought. Unfortunately not one of them said the coffee taste good. My guess is that they brew the coffee themselves at home. As they are not coffee lovers, they don’t actually know the right way to brew a nice up of coffee. All they did was pour hot water into the pot together with coffee Luwak, filter it and drink. It is a normal process which most of us make for our morning coffee. And the taste is not as good as they expected. They even said that the coffee sold right around the corner of the street taste much better. I did ask if they tested the coffee before purchasing the coffee bean. They told me that it taste good in the shop when serve by the waitress and that is the reason why they bought it in the first place. My guess is they bought the good expensive coffee but did not consult about the correct method to brew the coffee. I suppose that is one of the reasons that the coffee did not taste as good as expected.

The next question is why the simple local coffee sold around the corner of the street taste good. My guess is the coffee has been sold for decades since we were young. The taste of the coffee already installed and planted into our memory. It is more like a taste of childhood memory which brings back the sense of old times. Plus the coffee has been brew and sold for millions of cups after so many years. Obviously a lot of tuning and improvement has been made. Little by little, day by day the coffee is brew towards perfection. Even the poorest quality of coffee can taste good if the right formula and combination is applied.

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